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"The only problem is the customer."

This book title is provocative - but is obviously still relevant! Why?
  • Customer-orientation has still not become anchored in the heads, let alone the hearts, of sales personnel.
  • Dynamic changes in the market place are demanding more effective strategies to meet the challenges in the area of sales and service.
  • International Projects and Key Accounts Management have considerably greater influence on business marketing and organisation structures.
  • Personnel development has become a key factor for success due to limited resources and a shortage of competent specialist and professional managers.

These are just some of the challenges our team of consultants can help you to meet. A team that has practical management experience in sales and marketing and can therefore provide you with support and guidance in project implementation.

Our motto: Putting practical experience into practice!

  • An initial personal consultation will demonstrate whether we can work together successfully. We look forward to receiving your suggested date for an appointment.

Contact: Herr Rolf Behrmann or Herr Michal S. Pollok