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Personnel Consultancy


The SECON problem-solving method...

Only those who know all the options as well as how to use them are in the position to decide on the best one to employ.

Our methods:

In job markets where supply is limited:

The profile-based Direct Search by approaching suitable or desirable candidates.

In the case of well-supplied job markets:
Search by advertisement either neutrally using SECON or openly in your name.
The option to make the initial telephone contact with our consultant; even outside office hours.

Using in-house company resources:
Recognising potential among existing staff
eg. using assessment centers and
structured interviews.

The SECON 14 Point Programme

shows the system and procedures we employ to carry out our work. It ensures a high level of certainty in the search and selection process. We will be glad to demonstrate this in an personal consultation.

We will also be there to provide support
during the induction of your chosen candidate. We are especially keen to promote integration by means of open and honest dialogue with you and the new member of staff.

The SECON Guarantee